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Finding Plymouth'sHistory - Resorts and Business's


Medicine Inn Resort/Store    ( approx. N45°00.975 W093°25.153 )

Medicine Inn was built in the 1880's and later became known as Engmans as it was owned by the Engman family.  It was a resort, store, picnic grounds and rented boats. It was torn down in 1967-68 to build the Medicine Lake Apartments.


Flying Tiger/Kings Inn   ( approx. N44°59.601 W93°25.017 )

Over the course of its life it was a blacksmith shop, jail, train station, Jail House Inn, Royal King Inn, Legion Club, and finally Flying Tiger bar.


Charlie's Store     ( approx. N45°00.027 W093°25.711 )

The store had many owners over the years with the last being Charlie Lentz, hence the name Charlie's. It was popular with families that went to the swimming beach.


                                                            Now site of West Medicine Lake Park


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Schiebe's Corner     ( approx. N44°59.090 W93°25.275)

A hotel of some sorts was build by Nicholas Bofferding in 1863 and purchased by Carl Schiebe in 1872. It was greatly expanded with barns, tavern, icehouse and dance hall. It became known as "Schiebe's Corner," "Farmers Home Hotel" or the "Half Way House". It was a halfway stop for farmers on their way to Minneapolis and was very successful until the business declined in the 1920's and 30's due to the automobile It was torn down in 1977. (Pictures are from oldest to newest)