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Finding Plymouth'sHistory - Mission Farms

Mission Farms      (approx. N45°01.113 W093°25.249)

Mission Farms was founded in 1926 by William E. Paul. The land was rented for one year; then its 135 acres were purchased on February 1928 for $22,675. After other purchases the land totaled 415 acres including 4 farms. It was owned and operated by Union City missions, and there were 370 beds at the Mission Farms and 220 at the St. James hotel. Up to 1,000 men worked/lived at the Mission Farms during the depression. In 1948 Pioneer House started as the first residential treatment center fore alcoholics in the area. After William died in a car crash in 1955, his son took over as superintendent. He estimated that a "million" people attended church conferences and Bible camp at Mission Farms between 1936 and 1960.




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