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Finding Plymouth'sHistory

Ths section contains information and pictures of a Geocache project to find Plymouth Historical locations.· This was developed by Reba Juetten.

Please look at specific descriptions below to see if there has been a waymark or geocache placed for each specific site. The GPS coordinates listed next to the titles do not necesarily corespond to either of these markers but are as close as possible to the locations of the actual historical sites as were possible with the information provided. They are not guaranteed to be exact but are reasonable estimates. Geocaches or Waymarks will be placed in the general area of these sites in appropriate locations as time allows.


Early Schools

District 104 School (Oak Wood) ( approx. N45°01.151 W093°29.698 )
It was consolidated with Wayzata School district in 1956.· It was eventually torn down when County Road 24, Medina Road and Dunkirk Lane realigned for new intersection with Hwy 55.· A new Oakwood School was built at the corner of County Road 6 and Hwy 101 and opened in 1958.


District 47 School (Deziel School)   ( approx. N45°02.082 W093°29.815 )
It was consolidated with Wayzata School District in 1956.· It was converted to a house and rented out.· It was used for fire department practice and burned in 1973.





District 48 School (Parkers Lake School)  (approx. N44°59.704 W093°29.509)
It was consolidated with Wayzata District #49 in approximately 1920 and closed.

Link to Geocache for··"P" Marks the Spot: Parker's Lake School


District 95 School (Beacon Heights)    (approx. N44°59.651 W93°26.202)
District 95 was later called Beacon Heights because of an air line beacon (used for navigation before radar and direction finding radio) located on hill by Fire Station One. District 95 was consolidated with Wayzata in 1946.


District 123 School    ( approx. N45°03.503 W93°2 5.726 )
The school served their families living around Bass Lake. It was consolidated in 1956. Some of the children went to Maple Grove and Robbinsdale School Districts.


District 51 School       ( approx.  N45°01.776 W093°26.180 )

It was the first school in Plymouth. It was built as a shanty in 1856, then a log schoolhouse in 1859. It was turned into a house and then later it burned. Note the picture taken in 1960 by the City Assessing Dept. and on the one later the cupola is gone but you can see the outline of where it was on the front entrance roof.· District 51 consolidated with Robbinsdale School District in the mid 1950’s.

Link to Geocache for:  "P" Marks the Spot: District 51 School and Mt. Olivet Chapel